Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Worth pondering...

An email went out at work this morning linking to this:

Several more emails arrived in my inbox from the University Library listserv people about how it seems just a tad off that this is "unlikely to enforce this for faculty" (a quote from an emailer who heard President White at a meeting). The resounding question: What about civil service staff? Mind you, this really doesn't bother me as I'm not one to parade around my political opinions on a button, t-shirt, or bumper sticker, but why the special treatment for faculty? The answer is what I would like to learn this week. Whatever the case, I have gotten to read some hilarious emails from staff members about how when they are hauled out for wearing their political button they'll be sure to toss it to a faculty member.

Have a great non-partisan kind of day!


Beth C. said...

This is an interesting problem. As a student, I have to say that I am not really offended if someone (faculty) wears buttons, t-shirts or sports some other kind of political advertisement. I am more offended when partisan ideas are shoved down my throat in the form of carefully crafted assignments and readings or heavily biased lectures. I think instructors should be respectful of and sensitive to the political diversity of their students.

Raisa said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jessica. I actually was not aware of this. Perhaps the real issue is when is the faculty member considered "faculty" vs. "individual". The State wants us to believe that it has its reasons to wants to suppress public university faculty from their right of freedom of speech. Ok, but when is the faculty not seen as faculty. Say faculty has a bumper sticker on their car... Must they remove it on university premises and put it back on their car when off university property? This doesn't make sense to me. As Beth mentioned, I, too, don't agree with faculty imposing their personal political stand on students; but, as people they should still have their freedom of speech, right? Who knows what the government is thinking? Let me know when you figure it out too.