Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am not crazy.

Over the last week in school, I continued to learn about how I learn. More specifically, I found out that I combine thinking about things with learning by doing. I already knew that I learn things best by jumping in and doing them, but I hadn't thought about the thinking part. It's true, though. I usually try to work a technical problem out in my head before I get to the hands-0n stage.

More interestingly (for me at this time, anyway) is what I've learned about pregnancy hormones (an example of learning by doing?). A couple of days ago, in the span of about ten minutes, I went from tearing up at a song I heard on the radio, to thinking something else on the radio was ridiculously funny when it probably wasn't, to having to keep myself from laughing while walking from my car to my building because I was thinking of something else "hilarious." I just kept thinking that people out walking near me must have thought that I was totally insane because here I am, just smiling away at nothing. All I can say is I feel bad for my poor husband, who usually gets to experience these mood swings when they're on the not-so-funny end.

Finally, the best thing I learned this week is that in February (or perhaps March, if being late is hereditary) we'll be welcoming a baby girl to the family. Now I just have to get used to thinking of Baby as a she instead of as an it.


Beth C. said...

I am learning about my learning style too (Kolb). I have discovered that I am paralyzed in quicksand if I dont have a plan to follow. I feel very lost if I try to "jump in" and learn by doing. It's like when you are lost in a big city--I pull over and ask for directions. Some pepole just keep driving and eventually figure out where they are--I want to be more like that but fear sets in (bought a navigation system recently). Pregnancy hormones are great, I remember feeling sort of insane too. The fun thing is that hormonal insanity continues throughout a womans don't understand this.

The Girl Kind of Shawn said...

hahaha!!! I have been there...three times! Congrats on your baby girl, isn't it exciting?

I learn by doing as well. If someone just tells me, I don't get it at all.

Jessica said...

Beth - I do pull over and ask for directions occasionally. If I asked more often, though, I'd probably save a little on gas! I'm sure my husband will not be excited (or understand) if this insanity continues.

Shawn - Thanks! It is very exciting. I keep imagining what it will be like and I get excited all over again.

Jsgirl said...

Congrats to you and your hubby on your new baby girl this coming February! I'd have to agree with Shawn that it is quite an exciting time. Have you picked out a name yet for her? I'm sure it'll be precious whatever you all decide. :)

I know what you mean about your learning style. I'm more of a visual learner myself. I can watch what others do and pick it up from their. That's how I learned how to braid hair into tiny microbraids using extension hair. Now, I get paid for my skills, lol. That's great! Continue learning about yourself. That's one sure way of knowing that we're growing. (Ok, I wasn't trying to make a rhyme, but I guess I did, lol).

Jsgirl said...

Sorry, I meant "there", lol.